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Those that are veterans have a leg up on many other people in the work force. The mere fact that a veteran has a wealth of professional experience derived from being in the service is a huge plus. Then, there is another major plus: there are scores of veteran’s groups to belong to that can greatly help with networking opportunities. Whether you are recently discharged from the service or you are someone that has been retired for years, if you want a new job you need to take the steps necessary for networking into a new position. Honestly, networking makes it a great deal easier to land a solid new profession. That is why it is extremely important to invest time in networking when looking for career advancement.

Why is networking important for career advancement? Basically, when a resume is sent to a hiring professional for consideration for a job, the individual reviewing the resume only has the words on the paper to go on. That means the job review professional does not have a clue as to whether or not the presented information is accurate. It may be or it may not be. But, with such a question mark surrounding one’s resume, a lot of good careers are stymied simply because the person reviewing the resume simply cannot verify things to the best of his opinion.

This is why networking is so important and why it has been beneficial to so many careers. When a veteran networks with other colleagues, a character reference can be put forth on the person’s behalf. This means the ability to land jobs that were previously outside the person’s grasp can now be reached. Then, there is another great benefit that one can procure from working with others and networking for jobs. Specifically, it becomes possible to land those employment opportunities that are part of the hidden job market.

What type of employment opportunities is available in the hidden job market? Basically, these jobs are those that are not open to the public. Most companies try to fill jobs internally. That means unless you are tied into a networking venture you would have a very tough time landing one of these jobs. Again, those that affiliate with decent sized veteran’s organizations will discover it much easier to find such work opportunities.

Of course, in order for veterans to take advantage of a number of networking opportunities it becomes helpful to align with veteran’s organizations that can aid in such goals. Some of the major organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) can prove significantly helpful. Other helpful organizations such as the Veterans Resource Network Association, Vets4Vets, The American Veterans Association, and the American Legion are among the top ones.

These organizations are not difficult to join. Signing up with them is easy and you can literally hit the ground running when you do. So if you are a veteran and are looking for networking opportunities, these organizations are well worth looking into.

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