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Oprah Winfrey is the queen of providing impressive perks to her staff. She believes taking care of her employees is the best way of saying “good job’. If your manager came to you today and asked, “You get three perks – which ones would you like as part of your new contract?”, what would you say? Would it be a reserved parking space? Maybe an additional vacation day? As A. Harrison Barnes explains, “There are perks…and then there are those perks that equate to more money in your pocket”. Surprisingly, many people don’t stop to realize those differences, says the founder.

You might think that reserved parking space, complete with a small placard that includes your name, is an added bonus, but what will that equate to in the long run? Not much when you stop to consider it. That parking space isn’t going to spell a bigger bonus at the end of the year and besides, not having reserved parking means you’re getting a bit of exercise when you trek through the employee parking lot.
An additional vacation day, however, is money in your pocket while also placing a percentage into your 401(k) plan. Consider the interest it draws until you retire. Its value, of course, is the fact you’re able to take a day off, receive your salary while also enriching another part of your life such as time spent with family. There’s a definitive value with a perk such as this, says A. Harrison Barnes.

It’s true many, if not most, employers began reining in their various bonus and perk programs during the economic downswing; however, now that the recession is becoming less of a factor, employers are once again reintroducing the many ways it lets employees know their worth to the company.
What if one of your options was an annual membership to a gym? Again, it has value on many levels. Not only are able to forego the annual fees you’re currently paying, but you’re also making an investment in your overall health. A company car adds a financial aspect, too. Leaving your own vehicle in the driveway saves your fuel costs and wear and tear on your personal transportation.

Most of us will never have the luxury of having options when it comes to company perks, just being acknowledged in some way goes a long way in how well our work days go and is always a great motivator. Remember, though, the biggest satisfaction any of us have is knowing we’ve done a great job at the end of the day and recognizing that we always have options. Changing our job is sometimes the best perk we can give ourselves. If you’re wondering what the job outlook is for your chosen career, don’t forget to visit All of the latest trends and most recent openings around the country can be found here. Perks or no, the choice is always our own.

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