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Have you ever wondered if interviewers grow weary of the predictable resumes; sorting through a pile of consistent pages that include common phrases, such as, “my duties consisted of” or “reason for leaving”? And if so, have you found yourself falling into that category anyway just because you’re not sure how to “shake it up”? We’ve provided articles in the past with useful tips on how to do just that. That said, we’ve put together five sure fire changes you can make right now to your resume that might can be the difference of getting a job or getting relegated to the manila folder in the file cabinet that reads, “Potential” or “Resumes to keep for future interest”.

We asked A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of his thoughts on those overused phrases. He agreed there are those catchphrases that can make an interviewer’s skin crawl. So, in lieu of those worn out verbs and adjectives, here are a few that can easily be replaced and that will provide a fresher feel to your resume:

  • Instead of “implemented”, try accelerated, accomplished, launched or optimized.
  • Instead of “coordinated”, go for some originality with analyzed, orchestrated, motivated or spearheaded.
  • Drop the “responsibilities included” and instead, go for structured, expedited, functioned as, or standardized.

Another tip the founder offered is one we should all be doing anyway, but for some reason, seldom do as evidenced by the countless mistakes recruiters report. That tip is to double check and proofread every single word. Got it perfect? Good – now triple check it and proofread it again. Ask a friend or family member to give it the once-over, too.

While all of those abbreviations might look impressive, keep in mind, not every recruiter or interviewer knows what they mean. Spell them out in the first reference, and then, if you use them again in the resume, you can include them in abbreviation form. Much like the way you cited college papers, this tip will keep a streamlined reading process for anyone considering you for an interview.
Why folks still believe it’s acceptable to add cutesy graphics is beyond understanding. Please, save those creative energies for your weekend bar-b-que e-vites. Avoid the graphics in your resume. It’s a sure-fire way to not get a call.

Finally, keep your efforts honest. It is way too easy to verify even the tiniest details on a resume these days. A little white lie serves no good purpose in a job hunt. Just the facts, please.

“With the job market still trying to make a comeback, it’s up to those looking for new jobs to really pay attention to the small nuances”, says A. Harrison Barnes, “you might be surprised to learn just how significant those tiny details become when it’s time to select a candidate”.
Ideally, you can afford to have a professional resume team to give your resume a onceover, if that’s not possible, you have to be sure it looks as though you did.

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