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Congratulations on passing your tests and training as a law clerk. This is a great way to continue your legal career but now this means you will have to find law clerk jobs. This should not seem like such a daunting task, but will require you spending time filling out job applications, or submitting your resume. One thing you can do in the meantime that will help bring in money is to look for part time summer law clerk jobs until you find a permanent position.

There are quite a number of jobs so be diligent about finding one, especially one for your skill set. A visit to your local town hall or city council department can also reveal the recruitment of government offices for any positions in summer law clerk jobs. Therefore, this process of quickly finding a part time position in a legal firm will involve you being proactive. You can also apply or submit your resume directly to law firms in your local area. Many of the legal teams go on vacation during the summer and this will be a good opportunity to get summer law clerk jobs, as these companies need temporary staff. It will be a matter of submitting your resume and being interviewed for the temporary positions.

Another way of finding part time legal work is to place an ad. Most people are aware of placing ads for law clerk jobs to hire someone but some websites allow you to place ads stating you would like to be hired. These work wanted job ads are a great way to put yourself in front of a company that is looking to hire a new law clerk. Do not forget to list your qualifications and mention your skills in the job ad.

Another alternative to finding work is to use the popularity of the ShortTask Website. ShortTask has created a website that pairs up Seekers or companies wanting a legal project completed, with Solvers who have the set of skills and education to get the job done. You can quickly find tasks to complete and receive payment. Why don’t you give it a try!

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