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Job listings are the new byword for job seekers. Everyone believes that by going with the best job lister around, you have an edge over the competition when it comes to securing a job. Well, to a certain extent this is true, but job listings which ask you to pay money for their services aren’t doing much more than job listing services which come for free. They’re just making money off people who don’t really have any proper means of income, which is quite a heartless thing to do.

Places You Can Check Out

Prospective employees should never have to pay so as to be able to gain access to listening from web sites which belong to different employers.  So here are the top ten job listings in the U.S. where you can find part time job listings as well as full time jobs and you don’t have to pay for it.

  • LinkUp – This is one hell of a site which gives you access to unadvertised jobs and positions and also provides a great many services to employees who are on the lookout for jobs. The Federal job listing feature here is especially good.
  • – This is another job listing which also give you access to jobs from company websites. The advantage of sites like is that they save you a lot of time because you don’t have to go through individual company websites.
  • – This is a job search engine which promises all that its name suggests.  This is a really popular job search engine because you can look for specific kinds of job profiles and detailed jobs here. Plus if you’re a fresher this is the place to be for you.
  • LinkedIn- This might sound like a cyber cliché. But go with this tried and tested site for a job. This has been the byword for many fresh graduates and more mature job seeker for ages now.
  • Craigslist – This is a multi utility site which promises to have you know everything about a city in a couple of days. Well, my friend, when they said everything, they also meant jobs in the vicinity.
  • Ecadamy – This is a great place for professional networking and it allows you to be seen and also to make useful acquaintances with people in the same business as you.
  • MyWorkster – If you’re fresh out of college, this is probably the best place for you, because the jobs listed here cater especially to graduates.
  • Plaxo – A different version of LinkedIn. Try the “pulse stream” feature here, you’ll see the difference!
  • Facebook – yeah, you read that right. Facebook marketplace is turning out to be one of the hottest job search engines around.
  • Twitter – No, it’s not just for following celebrities online, you can also lap up a really lucrative job here, so get on twitter.

Job listings help you sort out your life and help you find the perfect job in your times of trouble, but don’t be taken for a ride by paying for these services.

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