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Being a chef and having a cook job is a rewarding career. This field is offering good career opportunities. Executive chef job description includes lots of responsibilities including normal tasks of a chef job, various management activities related to the hotel, monitoring the entire cooking process etc. Executive Chefs ensure hygiene and they manage the staff looking after various aspects of client satisfaction. They also need to manage the budget and accounts for the kitchen and food store rooms. They train the head chefs and other staff members and guide them whenever necessary. Overall it is an interesting career and large numbers of students opt for chef and cookery courses for a permanent career.

Increasing scope of chefs in hospitality career

A cook job is no longer as simple as it used to be. Lots of technical changes have occurred over time. There are lot more sophisticated gadgets available for cooking now and mainly there is a glamour factor attached to these jobs. Many reality shows are based on cooking which attracts the younger crowd to the profession and gives a salary boost also. In any profession the initial years are full of struggle wherein one needs to learn new skills and gain mastery in the concerned field. The salary would be low and there will be lots of basic work to be done. Executive cook job search and salary review shows that there are certain factors which affect the chef salary range. They are: work experience; employer type; city location; size of hotel/restaurant; educational qualifications.

Salary prospects

Usually a high school qualification is the least that is needed for a chef job. But these days excellent work experience, a bachelor’s degree in hotel management or culinary sciences are what the employers look for in their cook job post. The salary of executive chefs, with 4-5 years of experience is US$35,000 to US$50,000 p.a. But again this depends on the work location. An executive chef working for a five star hotel or restaurant in a big city may earn a higher salary than those working in small cities and regular restaurants. Though chefs in corporate firms and large scale organizations have big salaries plus additional benefits like health insurance covers, accommodation etc. For highly experienced executive chefs, five star hotels are ready to pay US$50,000 to US$ 90,000.

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