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Is earning $100K your career objective but do not know which way to go then we can direct you in the right direction, take the straightway to sales director career. It’s all about taking up the job, feeling the pressure to sell, enjoying high perks and a salary which can buy all that you want to give your kids which you once never had.

Things start becoming difficult as you reach greater heights in sales director career and aspire for a much greater pay, this is the main reason why answers to the questions asked in interviews for sales director jobs are a little tricky. At one point you may give the answer that you feel is perfect but the interviewer has something else in his mind. Hence it is always suggested to think before replying. Here are a few common mistakes people make at the time of interview for sales jobs:

• Sales director career starts with an interview, most of the questions asked in the interview are common and well known, so it often happens that you do not concentrate on them concentrating more on difficult and tricky questions, consequently you fail to answer the basic questions.

• Planning for the interview is good but in the process you tend to forget tactics to correctly answer the questions

• Engage yourself in something else thereby missing to reply thoughtfully

• Asking the interviewer common questions about the company like when it was established or what is its area of work.

• Pay less attention on your appearance, being fashion conscious is good but you cannot have spikes while appearing for an interview that is going to give you a break in sales director career.

• One of the reasons why the interviewer beats round the bush is that they want to test your patience but interviewee’s do not understand this and become rude when asked tricky questions.

• Most of the times you are asked about your achievements, it is good to talk about real things, if you over exaggerate your achievements then there are chances of getting caught in the questions to follow.

Making a sales director career is not easy because you are not only tested for your knowledge but also for your interpersonal skills. Do not make the mistakes listed above and the foggy way to success should appear clearer to you.

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