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Acquiring a successful ERP career such as a SAP functional job can be difficult, because of how competitive the job market is due to the current state of the economy. This is especially true if one does not know how to stand out amongst other applicants.  There are seven tips that are guaranteed to assist one in snagging an SAP functional job:

1.      Proper certification.  Having proper certification is important for acquiring an SAP functional job, because it improves one’s credentials as an ERP professional.  Moreover, if one is lacking in experience, the certification serves as a substitute.  When attaining certification, check if it is reputable and select one that specializes in a certain area to show that one is committed to learning and to stand out.

2.      Use knowledge of another language.  If one has knowledge of a foreign language, their opportunities are expanded.  Being bilingual or trilingual allows one to have the opportunity to work abroad.  It is advantageous to be capable of speaking another language, but is not required.

3.      Improve writing skills.  If one’s business writing skills are lacking, it is suggested to read a book on how to improve one’s them.  Business writing skills are important to have for ERP careers as a person is judged in part by his/her writing ability.  By improving writing skills, one’s resume will become even better; and therefore, will have a better chance at achieving one an interview.

4.      Social networking.  Using social networking to one’s advantage is crucial, because of the competitive ERP market.  In addition, the proper use of social networking gives one the reputation of an educated professional, who is easily found, tracked, and interacted with online.

5.      Create a niche.  Discovering one’s place in the ERP market is important, because it finally allows one to use their unique potential efficiently and properly.

6.      Write.  There are many major news outlets that cover ERP issues and are seeking an expert to answer questions and furnish analysis.  Another option is to publish a book, which will require time and effort, but will be worth it in the end.  Implementing great business writing skills will come in handy for providing the quality content necessary to earn a reputation.

7.      Appear prepared for the interview.  It has been said that the application attains the interview, but the interview wins the position.  The interview is the most important part of the process of attaining the job.  In order to ace the interview, one must stand out from the other applicants.  First, research the organization one is applying for thoroughly: its business model, its mission, and state how one can add value to the firm.  Do not discuss salary, unless the interviewer specifically asks about money.  In addition, elaborate on past successes, such as implementation delivery times and problems solved, instead of reciting one’s resume, because the interviewer has already looked over the resume.  During the interview, focus on remaining relaxed, and do not talk too fast, as is common when people are nervous.  Towards the end of the interview ask strategic questions to show that one has researched the company.  When the interview is over, thank the interviewer for their time and express one’s interest in the opportunity.  Also, send a thank-you note within 48 hours.

Getting a successful ERP career requires hard work and dedication, but it pays off by securing a place in the competitive ERP market.  Attainment of proper certification, using knowledge of another language, creating a niche, writing high quality information, and properly preparing for an interview, will lead the way to a successful career if one wants an SAP functional job.

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