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Law enforcement is an organization which consists of parties, either individuals or organizations or both. These individuals or parties are responsible for enforcement of law. These individuals share common interests and all of them are engaged in the pursuit of ensuring that the laws are enforced.

A law enforcement organization is a broad term that encompasses many law enforcement agencies.

* There are also law enforcement agencies at certain levels within an organization itself.
* There is law enforcement agency, comprised of the employees of the union
* Forensic specialists, practitioners related to evidence management and handling, specialist investigators, are some of the specialists dealing with law enforcement associations
* Neighborhood or community groups

With an increase in crime rate the demand of good law enforcement officers is on the rise. There are many careers in law enforcement field. Some most popular law enforcement careers are FBI agent, police officers, Customs agent, forensic analyst, secret agent and more. A. Harrison Barnes of has some suggestions for the budding law enforcement officers.

* Get yourself in the best possible shape. Your skill, physical abilities shapes your job. Your interpersonal skills help you to guard yourself from others.
* Be yourself, retrain your personality and see to it that you are professional enough. Remember that the job is not at all glamorous.
* The law enforcement officer should protect their family members. There are two ways in which the family can come under risk. There may be reprisals from a fuming prisoner.
* Do not take your work home. Restrict your work to the office. Do take out time for your family. Spend time with your kids.
* Be careful of the threats. Threats can come as a form of revenge. This however does not mean that you will always be looking for threat from behind. You need to consider all the potential threats before becoming a detective.
* The officials who are entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing law must abide by the laws and regulations and must stay away from corruption charges, as even minor fraud can ruin your career.

Though there are different department in the law enforcement agencies, the agencies share two common features, says A. Harrison Barnes. The enforcement agencies are required to abide by a set of rules and regulation. A method of law enforcement has been deduced and it is followed by all the law enforcement agencies. These consistent set of principles abide by the industry standards.

A law enforcement official is required to provide directions, they are entrusted with the responsibility of determining whether a crime has been committed or not, they should determine the person who has committed the crime, they are also required to access the “emergency” of the case if necessary, also you are responsible for providing child care facilities and protection to those in need. Your are responsible for determining, whether a person should be arrested for the crime committed or not, you should “Mirandize” the person being arrested, to gather evidences for the trial cases.

The law enforcement job can be very stressful so be prepared to handle stressful situations. Make sure that you are sleeping well, adhering to nutritional diets and exercising regularly. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor, if stress is affecting your health says A. Harrison Barnes. Unless you are fit, it won’t be possible for you to give your best in office or look after your family well. Learn to cope up with the stressful situations in your job of law enforcement.

The career in law enforcement is not very easy and A. Harrison Barnes states that there are however many advantages associated with it. When a code of law enforcement launches attack against a law officer, it must be remembered that it is not directed against the person, but towards the badge.

Before enforcing any law, the law enforcers are required to live with the rule of law. You need to stay within the purview of law in order to enforce it. The law enforcers are required to exercise caution. You should remain alert always. By abiding the rules and regulations, the law enforcer can enjoy their challenging job.

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