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Success doesn’t come to you automatically; it is you who has to reach up to it through hard work and determination. You cannot relax for success to approach you, instead you got to work hard to attain success that will change your life and career positively. If you believe that the most successful person in the industry is at a certain position due to mere luck then you are absolutely wrong. To get success you have to work hard; no luck can help you achieve it. The successful person has worked hard tremendously and has always believed in themselves along with it to become what and where they are today.

A Harrison Barnes believes that career success is for those who wish for it and are persistent in their efforts. You just need to plan your steps and follow them to get successful both in your career and in your life. You need to guide yourself by making both short term and long term plans. Make sure that you are working according to the plan made. Any deviation from it may make your path longer to reach the success you are wanting.

A Harrison Barnes says that there are some things that you need to analyze before making any decisions. You have to think about the lifestyle you are presently living and the lifestyle you want to live in the future. This will help you get the answer to the question if you are satisfied with your present career and can it help you get the lifestyle you are seeking.

Along with this you even need to analyze the kinds of activities that you are interested in and also know your passion. Make a list of the activities and the passions and see if it goes with the career you are presently in. You also need to know your weaknesses and strengths says A Harrison Barnes. For this you need to evaluate your personal characteristics, talents, capabilities, skills, qualification and most importantly your work experience.

The most important part is to analyze your current situation and think about ways to reach your goal. This will help you understand where you stand and where you need to go in the near future. It will help you to decide whether you need to continue with your Current Job or you have think of changing to a better one rather the best one.

After completing the analysis you need to chalk out a plan to succeed in your career. The first and foremost thing is to decide your next career step. You have to decide on a career that will help you move ahead. This career should suit your likes and dislikes along with the passions that you have. For this you need to make a good research on the career you are interested to continue in. You even need to decide a plan to get the qualifications that you need to step ahead. If any training is required to move to the next step then take it as soon as possible.

Once you have completed the analysis and the research work and also received the training then you can plan your steps based on short term and long term plans. This will help you reach to your goals in a planned and organized way as what A Harrison Barnes believes. Short term plan includes certain goals and aims that you have set and need to reach it within a short span of time. While doing so do not make unrealistic goals that will create a lot of pressure on you.

You also need to develop the workplace skills like teamwork, communication, project management, etc. that will be appreciated by the employers along with developing your career and personal goals. These things will further help you in your career success says A Harrison Barnes.

Next, you got to be positive and confident enough to believe that you can achieve both your short term and long term goals. Self-belief is a very crucial element that comes from within. A Harrison Barnes says that you just need to trust your capabilities and continue working with the belief of getting the success of your career in the future. You will face many hurdles on your way but still you will not lose your target. You have to remember that you need to keep moving ahead no matter what comes in your path.

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