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Bullying isn’t reserved for the playgrounds at recess anymore. Today’s bully is found in many employers each wreaking his own fashion of havoc in the process. Think it’s not a significant problem? Think again – nearly thirteen percent of American employees are being bullied right now. A staggering twenty-four percent of employees report being bullied in the past and twelve percent owned up to witnessing a bully in action while on the time clock.

While it may be the secret of the collective workforce, it doesn’t have to be swept under the rug. A. Harrison Barnes, a renowned career coach and founder of Employment Crossing says it’s up to each of us to take a stand for what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace. Our careers are our lifelines in many ways. No one should have to pursue their careers with fear or anxiety hanging over our heads. And if you need further persuasion, consider this: it has been suggested that as many as ten percent of adult suicides may be directly linked to trauma suffered due to bullies in the workplace. A. Harrison Barnes says that while commitment to our employers is important, our safety should never take a backseat to anything – including our career pursuits. He says it’s not about being committed to our jobs, but rather, it’s about remaining committed to our own psychological health.

Other statistics are just as alarming:

(1) Targets take bullying for eighteen months before reporting it or filing any kind of complaint with the company’s human resources department.

(2) Nearly twenty percent of victims opt to resign and find employment elsewhere versus reporting the bully.

(3) Bullying is three times as likely to occur than sexual harassment in the workforce.

(4) Bullies often do their damage when there are no witnesses around.

A quick check of many websites of the employers featured on Employment Crossing reveals not only is there a zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, but employers are extending those zero tolerance policies to any kind of environment that’s not conducive and safe for employees to work in peace.

With so many job layoffs, tensions can obviously run high however, behaviors such as bullying are reprehensible and all too often leave the employer open for litigation. It’s important to note, however, that those being bullied have a responsibility to come forward and report the co-worker. You must be pro-active in your efforts of alerting management. Another important fact is that it’s not personal. Bullies are all about power and they don’t care who they target. Remember, too to remain professional and always try to document any incidents – whether you witness it or find yourself the victim of a bully. Finally, if it is overwhelming and you don’t feel as though your needs are being met, it may be time for a career change. Employment Crossing offers thousands of jobs in real time for job seekers looking for a change in scenery and a better environment to thrive in.

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