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If you are involved in attorney jobs or other legal jobs, you may need to improve upon your writing skills. Many people today simply don’t know how to write well. They assume that because they know a subject matter or have read a lot that they “just know” how to write well about the subject. But the reality is that many involved in law employment are poor writers. This harms their ability to expand their business or get more clients, and it can also hurt their odds of getting attorney jobs in the first place.

Keep your audience in mind

If you’re writing for purposes related to legal jobs, then you are writing for people who need legal services or who may want to hire you in that field. You aren’t writing for poets or for auto mechanics. Poets and auto mechanics may need an attorney’s services, but they’re not all who are in your audience. Use language that applies generally to everyone who could potentially hire you. Write clearly and concisely about what you can offer or about what you know about relating to their legal needs. When writing, imagine your audience, reading your words as you come up with them. This will help you keep your thoughts and words clear and to the point.

Plan your points and organize them

Organization is the primary essential ingredient to good writing. If your thoughts and sentences don’t flow, you will lose your reader very quickly. Spend some time just writing down notes or bullet points before you commence with your draft. After you writing your first draft, read it over from the top. Is everything organized logically? Are the major points fleshed out well? If not, go back in and fix that.

Use simple language

Writing well has nothing to do with showing off your vocabulary just like playing a good guitar solo does not mean trying to hit every single note or just playing as fast as possible. The best-selling author Stephen King has said, “Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule.” Well, although there may actually be some exceptions, you get the point. Use direct, common language that gets straight to the heart of the matter.

Avoid legalese

This goes hand in hand with the above point. Nobody but other people who have legal jobs are going to comprehend your writing if you fill it with specialized legal phrases and terms.

Use proper action words and avoid the passive voice

The passive voice is, for all intents and purposes in your writing, the wrong voice. This is because it’s not forceful enough. If you want to compel people to take you seriously and possibly hire you, you have to sound like a person of action. Use action words and use them in the active voice. For instance, say “I won the case”–don’t tell people “the case was won by me.”

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