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If you are a working professional, there is every possibility of you making common career mistakes. You are not alone in committing those mistakes as there are millions who are ignorant about those. Mistakes are nothing but an unorganized way of continuing with your career. A person can only be successful in his life if he is well-aware about what is right and what is wrong when it comes to career advancement. A. Harrison Barnes discusses some common job search mistakes made by most. His tips or advice will definitely benefit you because he has years of experience under his belt. He is the owner of, the well known recruiting firm in the job market.

The most important thing in your life is to find a good job for yourself; a job that you really want to do, where your actual interest lies. For this, you have to prepare a proper plan and work accordingly. The plan should consist of various steps to follow in your job search. This soul searching should ideally happen when you are about to enter college. You need to analyze yourself, which means you have to know yourself better. Examine the passions, skills and interests you have. This will help you know the best field to work in. Once the test is over and you have decided on the area of work you want to take up as your career focus on enrolling for the right course.

As you are pursuing your course, you must be well aware of what is happening in the job market as far as your career field is concerned. You must also make useful contacts. Another mistake is not having a good network. Network of contact is equally important for both job-hunting and maintaining a successful career. You need to keep in mind that many jobs are not available on any job board, not even at the employer’s website. Those positions are filled up through references made by their reliable contacts. These jobs can only be accessed if you have a good network of contacts. You may be a highly talented person but it will be of no use until you have a list of potential people in your network. The one thing that can help you get success is active networking. You can increase your contacts by being part of any professional development event or trade show or even workshops. Networking events will also turn to be very helpful, believes A. Harrison Barnes.

A. Harrison Barnes also recommends you to take the help of a reputable job board like The services offered by them will be advantageous for your career. They not only present you with information on various job openings at different locations all around the world but also assist you to prepare an eye catching resume along with interview tips and assistance in choosing the right job for yourself. There are also some common career mistakes made by almost everyone. A. Harrison Barnes discusses with you on how to avoid these errors and give your career a bright future. In the job seeking process, continuing a good career requires proper planning. The most common mistake is to select any job that comes your way. There are many like you who do not think before choosing a job. They do not even give a thought whether the job will benefit them in any way – will it help them achieve any short term or long term goal.

You have to analyze whether the job you are thinking to get in is helping you achieve the short and long term ambitions you have set for yourself. Your success in attaining the short term goals will determine if you can even achieve your long term objective. Sometimes people don’t analyze where their career is going they just keep continuing for years without realizing that they can get better opportunities if they are self motivated and proactive.

There are many employees who do not pay any attention to balancing their work and personal life. Personal life needs equal attention as does your career. You have to learn to maintain a sense of stability between them. Being career oriented is no harm but you have to understand that you cannot work for 24 hours at a stretch as it is impossible. You require time to relax as well as pay attention to other areas of life that includes members of your family. Proper relaxation is required to get recharged for the following day. A. Harrison Barnes also believes that good sleep allows you to perform better at work.

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