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So youve decided the field of law is where you belong and youre ready to apply to law school. You believe in first things first, but what exactly is that first thing? Relax. There are tons of resources available, including this article, and advice from some of the premiere lawyers and career coaches. Luckily for you, A. Harrison Barnes is both a well-respected and trust lawyer and a renowned career coach. He is also the founder of, an employment site youll want to incorporate after youve graduated and are looking for that perfect legal specialty or want to apply for an internship as youre pursuing your education. Here are a few tips from A. Harrison Barnes as you set out to choose which law schools to apply to:

Keep in mind, every law schools places a major importance on a number of factors, including your GPA and LSAT. These are very important and you should work hard to ensure high numbers. The higher the numbers, the more options youre afforded.

Cost matters. And costs vary. This is important when youre considering the financial aspects and law schools, contrary to popular belief, run the gamut in terms of affordability.

Dont forget the application costs. Expect to submit a check for each school you apply to, usually around $100. Choose wisely which schools you wish to apply to.

There is the time factor. Read: deadlines for applying. Be sure you have everything you need before you begin the process. This keeps frustration levels to a minimum and trust us, your stress levels will likely already be high.

Keep your focus and keep your faith. Youre going to discover the many levels of hope, fear and even rejection. Keep your eye on the ball, says the founder.

Have glamourized ideas of how law school will be? We hate to be the one to shatter your image, but you can expect to do a lot of reading of judicial opinions, rulings and anything else your professors deem necessary.

Expect to take a lot of notes, too. And exams. Lots of exams. Of course, the big daddy comes after youve completed the coursework and are preparing to set off into the world of legalities. That is, of course, after youve prepared for and passed your states bar exam.

So now that you know what to expect, youre ready to set off into the world of lengthy law school applications. A. Harrison Barnes says to go into it with an open mind. While its a grueling process, its also an important part of not on your career choices, but your life as a whole. Make it count, enjoy the ride and remember its just one of the many obstacles youre going to face as you pursue a legal career.
For more tips and information on applying to law school and locating the right job after graduation, be sure to visit Its a one stop source for recent law school grads and seasoned professionals looking to broaden their horizons.

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