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All over the world people have been trying to learn the ABCs of advertising. Much to the dismay of everyone the methods keep on changing and therefore it has to be a new strategy every time! Thankfully, the concepts never change – it is to make people interested in your product, by hook or crook! Advertising managers are those people who have risen from being just another creative guy at the desk to managing professionals who can make a whole bunch of creative geeks work under them!

Here are 5 top tips that will ensure that you get a promotion in advertising – including a personal promotion. Considering that you already are an advertising manager, here are the things you can do to see the graph zoom northwards!

Top Tip #1: Involve and Evolve

A good manager is not a boss, he is a leader. It is important to involve yourself in the work that is happening around you. The moment you involve yourself, a second face of the job rises which includes evolution. Man has evolved from being a monkey to what he is today. Similarly you have to evolve; better still your strategies should evolve every time and with every project and assignment.

Top Tip #2: Be a Leader

The opening line in the first tip pretty much defines the whole of this point as well. A leader is the one who leads by example. The moment you involve yourself with the work, you become a role model with your colleagues and juniors. When you continue to inspire others, naturally you can expect the promotion in advertising to go upwards. A team of motivated people is any day better than a team of bored geniuses!

Top Tip #3: Be at your Creative Best

As an advertising manager you are expected to wear your creative hat at all times including when you go to bed! No seriously, since you’re a team leader, the majority of the ideas should come from you, rough that they may be – can be further polished with help from your sub-ordinates at work. Creativity can be anything right from the clothes you wear to the kind of attitude you carry to work everyday and that includes being a curious learner!

Top Tip #4: Use the Internet

So much is being written about online marketing, online advertising and the internet being one of the ‘top priority’ areas for advertisers to concentrate on. The main thing to consider is that the internet has evolved today and accordingly, as an advertising manager you have to evolve. Tapping the power of the internet should be the priority area in your work-list. From SEO to SEM, nothing should be left untried!

Top Tip #5: Communication and Interpersonal Skills

How you communicate is what defines you. The better you’re able to put your thoughts across the better you’ll be in the office and as a leader. Interpersonal skills are needed to instill the faith in your subordinates that when you’re there, nothing can go wrong – and that is the inspiration that they seek!

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