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Job scams are not unheard of now. Statistics and surveys suggest that there are more scam jobs waiting for you than real jobs out there! Moreover, since the inception of the internet, people have been especially fooled too much and may times over! With new graphics and technologies emerging, things appear flashier and genuine. But the old proverb remains – all that glitters is not gold! Here are some warning signs that you should go through to prevent yourself from falling into a trap!

Warning Sign #1: Asks for an amount before joining

No genuine employer on the planet will ask you to pay an amount before you actually join the company. This is the easiest of the tricks of fooling an individual into believing that a company has seriously approached them all of a sudden. Forgers are expert in drafting ‘formal joining’ letters provide attachments that have scanned copies of offer letters on company ‘letterheads’! They even forge the signature of managing directors of reputed organizations somehow and then on track to fool you into applying for the job!

Warning Sign #2: Is interested too much in your bank details

What follows the previous warning sign is that the ‘genuine’ employer is interested in your bank details and not the details that you provided in your resume. A genuine employer or a company won’t certainly be asking for your account number until you’re on their payroll and they want your account number to transfer your payment to the account. Also, if they are providing a bank account number for depositing money, instantly know that it a sure sign of fraud. If you’re in a dilemma, it would be wise on your part to call the company and quote the details that you got.

Warning Sign #3: Job offer from nowhere

You haven’t applied for a job and you get a 6-figure job out of nowhere! That is surely from a fake job site and know that you’re in a big scam, if you accept such jobs!

Warning Sign #4: You’re a part of their Mailing List

There is a huge chance that you’re on their mailing list and they are sending out the sane mail to many people with only the name changed. One sure-shot way of reading through this is to look for what they have written about you and what your credentials actually are!

Warning Sign #5: Company Names unheard of!

It is not strange to find company names suddenly floating on the internet. All they need is a website and some authentic looking falsified credentials and voila! It is tough for the average person to differentiate between the original and fake job site!

Warning Sign #6: Paying much more than what you should get!

Agreed that you’re capable of a 6-figure salary but let your logic and discretion play here. Since you already have some job experience, you can easily calculate a market value of yourself as a skilled labor. If any employer is offering you way more than what you should get actually, you may be in a trap.

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