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Job-hopping has become the main attraction topic for human resource jobs in the last couple of decades. Unlike the trend forty years back, when the Baby Boomers like their ancestors, believed that their employers would employ them and care for their needs forever. While the present day generation has grown up watching their parents loose their employment due to unexpected  lay offs or sudden downsizing of multinationals. While the older generation stayed in the same organization all their life, the modern day workforce believes in mobility of job and security of their families. Job hoping has become a norm because of the increasing requirements of modern life styles and dissatisfaction with the job and the pay that is offered.

Increase in human resources career due to job hopping

The career landscape of the average employee has changed over the years. It gives more space for changing jobs, experimenting with skills and freedom to choose a career even at a later stage. All these changes demand Human resource jobs to maintain the flow of jobs, regulate employment, and choose the appropriate candidate for a firm. Human resources management has become alert and chooses the staff very carefully. It is therefore very likely that in an interview you could be asked question as: why have you switched jobs so often. It is important to be honest here. You can mention some of the common and popular resons for job hopping. Like job dissatisfaction, low pay etc. precise resons can be mentioned in the cover letter.

Does proper human resources management help?

Job-hopping first started when the new generation entered the workplace, and now it has become an employment trend affecting all subsequent generations. The current economic uncertainty is also a very important reason for this. Job-hopping is seen as a mode of providing job security and helps to a leave an organisation before downsizing occurs. This helps pay bills after layoffs and employees also demand work-life balance to maintain quality of life. Career enhancement benefits for future personal development are also essential to retain employees. Human resource jobs do work in the direction of retaining and maintaining the current staff.

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