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There are a number of types of bosses, and there are many ways to handle these bosses. Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, or Seattle Employment services can provide helpful information on how to manage every kind of boss that is encountered in the workplace.

The Spineless Boss:
The spineless boss is the favorite of many employees around the world, as he seeks to avoid confrontation at all costs. His management style consists of causing as little trouble as possible, allowing employees to work at their pace. He wants to be liked by everyone around him.

The Spineless Boss can be handled by taking note of what situations cause him to clam up, and get his boss to provide him some support and require more of him in a leadership capacity. Spineless Bosses are often lacking training and are usually inexperienced, so informing him clearly of tasks needing to be accomplished and the steps to accomplish them.

The Controlling Boss:
The Controlling Boss feels the need to be in charge of everything, control everything, and never let anyone else accomplish anything without his direct approval. Also known as the Micro-Manager, this boss is totally focused on everyone under his command toeing the proverbial line.

The Controlling Boss is usually experiencing a lack of self-esteem, fear or failure or mistakes, or hesitation. To handle this kind of boss, one should provide reassurance that things are being completed properly according to procedure, which should give him assurance that “”his commands”" are being followed.

The Political Boss:
The Political Boss is very interested in advancing himself and his own career, and are very difficult to trust. This kind of boss will say one thing to a coworker, and quickly change it if that would help advance his career. He will often put roadblocks in the path of many employees simply to advance his own career, while doing as little real work as possible.

The Political Boss is easy to handle, as long as his self-serving attitude is played upon. Smart employees will simply let the Political Boss know how good he would appear to his superiors if something was accomplished, and getting a written statement declaring support for the proposed action. Avoid being blamed for any failure by getting any assignments in written form, and be prepared for the fickleness of the Political Boss when he switches his allegiance to a colleague.

The Angry Boss:
There are many bosses that feel that the only way anything will ever get accomplished is by yelling at employees. seattle employment, Boston employment, or Portland employment all have the same factor: an Angry Boss. The Angry Boss will fire someone simply because his temper flared, or they will yell at subordinates in the hopes that they will be cowed into submission and productive activity.

Handling the Angry Boss can be delicate, and it is important that anyone with an Angry Boss show themselves to be very productive. Avoid provoking his rage by doing the tasks assigned quickly and efficiently.

seattle employment has many of the same problems as Chicago IL Jobs, and many areas in the world face problems managing bosses that have a number of problems. There are many office protocols established for these cases, and knowing the protocols can help you keep your boss in line if he is a problem boss.

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