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One of the most important questions asked at interviews to candidates is about the package they are expecting. These are the questions that bring fear into the minds of even the most confident job seeker. There are many who are so happy on getting an offer from a well known organization, that they fail to take the advantage of the situation. They are so eager to secure the job that they want to settle the matter without giving it a thought. You should actively negotiate the salary that is offered as this is the only time when you can negotiate with your prospective employer. Before going for the interview, you should be prepared for these questions; and you should know how to and how much to negotiate with the employer.

Avoid disclosing it early

Earlier the common practice was to discuss the package post the hiring process, but these days it is done while conducting the interview. Prepare yourself in advance with the complete knowledge of what the job expects from you. Do not commit to a figure unless you are completely in sync with the prospective employer. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you can ask the employer to give you information about the job – what it demands and what does the employer expects from you. Conduct your research on local legal salaries and arrive on a range which can be put across. is one such web site which can provide you with Salary Surveys based on the firm name and the city. You need to compare the offer with your own credentials and the value which you can bring to the table. You can put the onus on the employer by mentioning that you are flexible in your expectations. Convince him that you are looking for the right opportunity and you are open to a fair offer.

Research before an Interview

You have the chance of conducting your research on the salaries of the legal associates in your area. This is a very effective practice before the interview. This way you can save yourself from low pay and even gauge your own worth. You can easily access this information through your local network of contacts – friends at other firms, any family member who is already working with a legal employer., owned and created by A. Harrison Barnes, provides you with salary calculators where you can calculate a salary according to the area you reside in.

Consider all Aspects that Influence your Payments or Salaries

You should not refuse the offer from a legal employer if you feel that the package offered is less. You should take this as a cue to discuss non monetary benefits

Many legal employers are ready to compensate for the low salary by giving other facilities like additional vacation time or flexible working hours or even providing you with child care benefits. Consider the medical, vision and dental benefits if offered. Even look for retirement or profit sharing plans and also for the stock option, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Performance should be Frequently Reviewed

If your performance is reviewed more often, then an attorney’s job with low salary is a better deal than the job that pays him more. This helps in negotiating incremental pay on the basis of your performance. Ask your prospective employer how often performance appraisals are conducted in the organization and put your request forward.

Try to Value the Job

If the salary is low then try to consider it in terms of positioning. How the job will help you gain experience, how will it improve your skills, how much will it add to your resume and how you can build a professional network for yourself. Keep in mind these points and then accept or refuse the offer. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that if the job stands well on these aspects then you should definitely accept the offer without thinking of the pay it is giving you. This attorney job will definitely give you a bright legal career ahead.

Remember the Pre-employment Assurance

Once the salary is negotiated and you are offered the job, make sure that you note every verbal conversation with the employer. Many a times after all the proceedings have been completed the legal employer informs you about the additional facilities that you may get after you have joined the firm. For example A. Harrison Barnes says that you may be promised with three weeks’ vacation rather than the normal two weeks’ vacation.

Take Enough Time to Think Before Accepting the Offer

A. Harrison Barnes recommends that you should always ask for time before accepting the offer. Take time to look into every aspect of the job. You have to think and re-think the offer before taking a decision about your legal career. Most employers allow you a week’s time to think over it.

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