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Every employee who joins a legal job or any organization wants to lead a happy and a successful career. There are many others around him however, who will not let him work in peace. These employees are not happy or satisfied themselves and will not even allow others to excel in their Law Jobs. Attorneys who want to excel at what they are doing are always disturbed by these unsatisfied people. A Harrison Barnes says that you should always love your work and never criticize it. If you love your work, you can taste success and lead a life of peace and satisfaction.

A. Harrison Barnes from his experience says that he used to love his job in which ever field he has worked in. But there were many around him who always had the same words for him. They always criticized their job and the conditions or the environment of the job. These set of people never seemed to be satisfied and neither have allowed anyone else to be. They repeat the same complaints over and over again. Complaints ranged from the work load to the pay, from the boss to the fellow co workers, from more pay at a competitor to the lack of recognition from the employer. The complaints are many. In fact the list never ends. They seem to be unhappy with everything they do.

There are many people who are happy with the work they do; they enjoy working where they are. They like their fellow co workers and they like the surrounding in which they work in. In fact they love their jobs and they want to exceed in it. But still the commentary never stops. You will come across the same story nearly everywhere. Their main targets are the new colleagues who are yet to learn the ropes of the organization. They are soft targets for dissatisfied employees. They approach them and in a short span of time, turn them into dissatisfied and bitter employees.

Such employees are known as the “sympathizers”. A. Harrison Barnes says it is difficult to understand how they can sympathize by making their coworkers unhappy about the law job or any other job they are doing. This kind of sympathy fails to help anyone, neither the “sympathizers”, nor their colleagues. Such sympathizers are neither good at their job, nor will they allow anyone else to perform. They will not help you learn. In fact they will try and make the situation worse for you. Paying heed to such employees will place you either in the list of unemployed or will land you with another job where you are among a new set of “sympathizers”.

You may ask the question why such people exist. Many studies have found that the lack of a strong organizational structure breeds discontent among its employees. In the legal jobs industry, there needs to exist a clearly defined organizational structure which is understood by all. Every employee needs to know his place in the organization and he or she needs to adhere to it. Once the employees are in sync, the wheel turns smoothly.

Lack of a defined organizational structure within a firm cultivates low morale among its employees. Once the morale of the employee plummets, such “sympathizers” are born. Once every employee understands what he or she is supposed to be doing, the reason they are there, what is exactly required of their jobs and their responsibility and so on, low morale cannot penetrate such a well oiled unit. It is a vicious cycle where lack of organizational skills, breeds low morale which gives birth to the group of “sympathizers”.

A. Harrison Barnes knows many who have simply avoided these sympathizers have moved on to make successful career. These successful people have never listened to what the sympathizers had to say; rather they continued to move towards their goal. They were self motivated are determined to excel. Such successful attorneys are now known as lawyers who “walked away” without paying any attention to their so called supporters.

The sympathizers do not see their careers taking off for they will never be satisfied by what they do. They may be the best at their work and may have the best competencies but will never succeed. Even after graduating from top law colleges or having gained experience in branded legal firms, they mess up their careers. Once a lawyer has over 2 to 3 job jumps within a span of 4 to 5 years, every prospective employer will know that this employee is not dedicated or committed to his job. A. Harrison Barnes says that many lawyers who have entered the United States of American have messed up by falling into the “sympathizers” trap and have been eventually deported to their country as no one wants to employ them. They then have to take up petty jobs like teaching in a private school, or working in a very small non profit organization or even calling themselves “writers”.

People who simply “just walk away” have the upper hand. They do not show interest in what the others have to say and simply continue with their job which they love to do. Such employees excel because a motivated and a happy employee is the one who can give a hundred percent to their jobs. Such employees are recognized. Top notch lawyers are those who have ignored the “sympathizers” and have only paid heed to their careers and their jobs. There are plenty of such examples in various legal firms around the country.

Sympathy is more suited in your personal life and not in your professional life. You have to stand up and challenge circumstances and do what you are employed to do. Sympathy seekers will never be able to succeed as sympathy lowers the morale of a person and diminishes his or her self confidence.

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