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With tax day growing ever-closer, we thought it’d be a good time to take a look at tax lawyers and their roles. If you’re considering expanding your current career specialties or are a recent law school grad, tax law might be an area worth considering, says A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder of It’s fast paced and requires the ability to handle stress – both your own and your client’s stress. The best tax lawyers can:

* Work well with clients who are afraid and stressed out over the repercussions of mistakes made on personal or business tax documents
* Conduct in depth research efforts
* Work well with representatives with the Internal Revenue Service, including auditors
* Remain current on the ever-changing tax laws and codes
* Keep detailed documentation of conversations with various IRS officials, employers and clients
* Cite tax codes and laws with accuracy and certainty
* Negotiate on behalf of their clients with confidence
* Recognize when fraud is present and know how to act accordingly – both while protecting clients and not jeopardizing ethical codes

Another important skill of a good tax attorney, says A. Harrison Barnes, is the ability to get a client through what are sometimes intricate tax audits. While those who make their careers in this particular specialty are not required to act as an accountant for their clients, they must be able to understand basic accounting rules and parameters. Further, they must be able to work with clients regarding debt management – both in their personal and business matters. This can become embarrassing for clients and those lawyers who can put their clients at ease will surely reap many referrals.

Barnes goes on to say despite the intricacies involved in tax law and code, it’s a rewarding field for those who are good at it and can recognize those tiny details that can lead to future problems for their clients. It’s one of those areas where lawyers can see the fruits of their hard work on their client’s faces. Because many Americans attempt to handle difficult tax issues on their own, once they finally seek legal representation, it’s usually after things have come to a point of crisis. The best tax lawyers build their reputations and careers on the ability to remain understanding and with a certain level of compassion. is a leader in putting tax lawyers in touch with those law firms who have a need for talented legal minds. Many are looking for those brilliant minds that can master tax codes and laws. Is it time for a new change in your own legal career? Consider the industry leader in employment and what it has to offer you and your career. With jobs that are maintained in real time, expert advice and a superb resume service, you’ll come to see as your partner in all things related to your legal career.

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