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A client services manager is also known as an Account Manager Jobs. They work to ensure that everything in relation to sales and customer/client accounts is running smoothly. Client service managers spend a lot of time on the phone and in front of the computer. They experience regular communication with clients, making sure that all needs are met.

A job as a client services manager requires a lot of one-on-one communication with the customers service and sales staff. One of their main goals is to aim for excellent customer service within the company. Account managers are also responsible for holding meetings and training new employees. In addition, they are also responsible for effectively resolving all issues with customer accounts and transactions.

An obvious requirement for someone who is interested in client services management is that they have a knack for communicating effectively and a close attention to detail. Someone who wants a job as an account manager must consider themselves both extremely analytical and outgoing. Due to the large amount of difficulties that are likely to arise with various clients, these managers must also consider themselves very patient and observing. If there is a problem, it is up to them to solve it.

When there are problems with the company’s products, client services managers are responsible for coming up with a solution, as well as recommending new products and ideas for improvement for existing products.

Account (client service) managers also have frequent communications with technical employees and executive management. They must possess excellent interpersonal skills and at very least, most employers require a bachelor’s in business administration or other related field. Most of the time, a client services manager works is a call center environment or office.

Depending on the specific position, these managers may be required to make a large number of outbound calls per day. Asking questions about the customer’s purchased services and making sales is also a very important part of this position. An individual who wishes obtain employment as an account manager must also be very persuasive, have the ability to remain tactful, as well as be willing to learn all there is to know about the company’s product so that they can provide information, details, and benefits of using the product. The average salary of a client services manager is 51K. Starting salary ranges from 30K to 50K depending on location, required job duties, and years of experience.

If interested in a position as a Client Services Manager, it’s best to search for employment online, where you will have the opportunity to search through hundreds of available positions. Fortunately, due to the fact that online is the most preferred place to post ads for employers, it shouldn’t take long to find the right position.

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