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Logos are important for any business. Logos are what customers first see on a business card, website or building. Logos are what most customers will remember about a business too. It is important that your logo is memorable, simple and eye-catching.

Logos are often designed by those with graphic web design jobs. You should find someone who has had experience designing logos and understands what a business needs to succeed. The colors and design of a logo should reflect what a business is about or the types of services it offers. For example, a beauty salon may feature scissors, hairpieces, or even a photo of a lady getting her hair styled. A gardening business may have flowers or gardening tools. This way, customers can associate that specific logo with your business.

Whoever you hire to design your logo, (even if he may not have had employment with graphic web design jobs), should research your business and services. It is essential that your logo matches your businesses needs. It should be large enough that it is catchy if placed outside your building, but simple enough that it can be printed on a business card. Business logos are also often on websites and even have additional effect that can make the website fun. Not only are logos found on business cards, but they may even be placed on pens, pencils, letterhead and business envelopes. It must be versatile enough to work for the company.

A business logo should follow five key points to make it successful for the business. Those employed with graphic web design jobs should have knowledge of these key points as well. They are listed as:

1.      Describable (so that a perspective client knows what the logo is)

2.      Memorable (the customer will associate the logo with your business)

3.      Effective with color (must be catchy for perspective customers)

4.      Re-sizable (able to be reduced or enlarged as the company needs it)

5.      Relevant (matches the company’s business and services)

There are a few common mistakes that those with graphic web design jobs will make when creating a logo. One mistake a business may make is hiring an amateur to design their logo. It is very important that a business find someone with experience and known references to design a logo. Another common mistake is using stock art to design a logo. A logo should have original and unique images. A business won’t want their logo to look similar to any other logos. One other mistake a logo may have is using complex designs. Again, this is where simple comes into play. A logo shouldn’t be too complicated to design or to replicate. It should be eye-catching and simple.

A logo is just like a catchy jingle. Come businesses have catchy songs that they use on commercials to associate with their company. A logo works just as any jingle would. If a logo isn’t catchy enough, a customer may not remember the business as well. If a logo isn’t designed appropriately, it also won’t look right on promotional material either. There are also times when a logo could make or break a company; it is that important to have an appropriate logo. A logo is an essential tool to marketing and advertising a business’ services and products.

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